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Vote YES on Measure C = 14,000 Union Construction Jobs!

IBEW 569 supports the San Diego Chargers’ Initiative known as Measure C and we encourage our members to VOTE Yes on Measure C!

Did you know that Measure C will create 14,000 good-paying local construction jobs and 3,000 permanent good-paying jobs – jobs with healthcare and retirement benefits? The Chargers are adamant that the new stadium and convention center expansion should be built with Union labor and create new apprenticeship opportunities and career training for local residents! These are middle-class jobs that my members depend on to put food on their family tables!

Did you know that the Chargers have committed to developing a community benefits agreement that could include new funds toward affordable housing with a public land trust? The Chargers have committed to participating in a Community Benefits Agreement for the neighborhoods surrounding the proposed new multi-use stadium and convention center downtown. This community-driven process may include

  • a Community Land Trust to encourage the development of affordable housing;
  • workforce development and training programs such as pre-apprenticeships;
  • targeted outreach to residents of the surrounding communities for permanent maintenance and operations jobs opportunities;
  • support by the Chargers for a voting seat on the Joint Powers Authority (JPA) overseeing the facility for a resident of the surrounding communities elected by other residents of the community;
  • mitigations for parking and traffic such as Youth Opportunity Bus Passes within designated zip codes, no-fee residential parking permits, and so forth.

Did you know that the initiative prevents a single dollar of General Fund monies from being used for the construction or operations of the facility?  In fact, the initiative is expected to generate an estimated $1.6 BILLION in new funds to the General Fund – funds that could be used by our City Council to address community infrastructure needs.

Did you know that the Chargers and NFL will be contributing $650 million in private investment? This is one of the largest contributions ever made by the NFL and a team in a market this size – a private-public partnerships and the new facility will be owned and operated by the City and a public entity that provides public accountability and oversight!

Did you know that this will be much more than a football stadium? This will be a world-class multi-use facility – the largest LEED certified building in our City’s history to attract the biggest and best sporting and entertainment events. This will be a home for international soccer matches, collegiate basketball championships, concerts, and political conventions, and so much more. 

Did you know that no new or increased taxes will be imposed on San Diego residents? This proposal will be paid for only by tourists.

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Vote Yes on Measure C!