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Our apprenticeship programs help
High School Graduates

Make a potential six-figure salary by 23 years old, with no debt.

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Make good money

Graduate with no debt

Get yourself a nice truck

Become a homeowner early

The 4-year college degree plan doesn't make sense anymore

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You can graduate our apprentice program with the potential to make six-figures. And no debt.

Graduate with no debt

Our apprentice program is tuition-free. You pay nothing. Nada.

Earn while you learn

Unlike the 4- year college plan, you're actually making money while you're learning. That's right. You can earn while you learn.

Make six-figure potential

Journeyman Electricians easily earn an average of $100,00/year. And that's just the start.

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Other benefits you get after you graduate the Electrical Training Institute apprenticeship program

Opportunity to become a homeowner early

While your friends graduate $120k in college debt, you could be putting a down payment on a home.

A head start in life

As a full-fledged Journeyman Electrician at age 23, you'll have plenty of opportunities for promotions and advancement.

Freedom to do whatever you want

With all the money you're making and no debt, you're in total control. You can travel anywhere to work, live, and thrive. Through IBEW, you can work anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Bragging rights

Good money? Check. Health Insurance? Check. Retirement savings? Check. No college debt? Check.

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We're IBEW Local 569.

We're on a mission to normalize trade school after high school.

You deserve to get paid what you’re worth.

Like you, we agree it doesn’t make sense when young people graduate college with a mountain of debt, and no good-paying jobs for them. They feel mislead, misguided, and regret going to college.

It’s time we let let the secret out: the trade school apprenticeship model works.

Founded in 1920, IBEW 569 has over 100 years of experience helping electrical workers San Diego and Imperial counties.

IBEW 569 is here for you.

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Over 100 Years

Advocating for electricians and families

$100,000+ / YEAR

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Earn while you learn

We pay you to learn.

Get a head start in life

Earning a potential six-figure salary with no debt.

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Ready to make a six-figure potential by the time you’re 23 years old?

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