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IBEW Local 569's helps Career-Changers

Start fresh with a career that pays good money and will always be in demand.

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Great Pay

Full Family Healthcare

Retirement Pensions


Frustrated with a college degree and no good paying jobs out there?

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Your college degree + a trade school skill = endless possibilities.

Earn a great standard of living + benefits

Journeyman Electricians make six- figure potential. A lot of our members can afford a home, a nice vacation, and receive quality healthcare coverage for their whole family.

Learn a skill that can't be outsourced or shipped overseas

Never worry about updating a resume or interviewing again. Electrical workers are always in demand. IBEW 569 can keep you busy.

Enjoy a lasting and exciting career

There's no shortage of electrical work. You'll always have a job to do. Not only that, Journeyman Electricians are proud of what they do. They're excited to put their thumbprints on major projects that build our skylines.

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It's never too late to start fresh. You still have time to embrace your full potential.

Our Electrical Training Institute apprenticeship programs are tuition- free.
You'll graduate with a hard skill and no debt.


Earn while you learn

Make money while you get on- the- job training.


Guaranteed raises every 6 months

At every milestone you achieve in apprenticeship training, you earn a raise. No need to negotiate. It's guaranteed.


Plenty of growth opportunities & advancement

We offer plenty of room for you to keep growing. You get access to ongoing education, training, and more certifications for free.

Never submit a resume or interview ever again

As an electrical worker, you'll always possess a hard skill that can be put to work. Plus, we're a hiring hall. We'll dispatch you to jobs and put you to work.

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We're IBEW Local 569.

We help career-changers rediscover
their potential to earn good money.

You deserve to get paid what you’re worth.

Like you, we get mad when we think of college students graduating with a mountain of debt and poor career opportunities.

It’s just not fair that nobody told you there was a different option for you: a tuition-free apprenticeship program.

IBEW Local 569 is here to help you rediscover your full potential. It’s never too late to start fresh.

At the end of the day, you just want to take care of your family, live comfortably, and take pride in what you do.

Call IBEW Local 569 today.

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Whether you have zero experience or an industry veteran, you'll fit right in.

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We'll send you to work.

Get paid your worth

Get that union money.

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Make the most of your life. Your degree + trade school = unlimited possibilities.

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