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IBEW Local 569's helps U.S. Veterans

Work towards the next promotion.
In your career, and in life.

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to the real world

Get the respect
you deserve

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Transitioning back home is a big stressor

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We show you the exact roadmap you need to become a California State Certified Electrician

Level up your skills

We help you get up to speed with the transition back into the real world.

Tuition- free apprenticeship program

Get paid on- the- job training. Earn credits toward your certification. Without needing to use your G.I. Bill.

Opportunities for future promotions and advancement

With IBEW 569, you get opportunities to grow your skills through education, certifications, and apprenticeships.

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Plus, you get outstanding pay and benefits


Work toward a six-figure potential

You can save for a home. Plan a nice vacation. Live comfortably. Support your family.


Guaranteed raises every 6 months

Start earning right away. Get a guaranteed raise every 6 months.


Earn while you learn

You deserve to get paid while you work. So our apprenticeship program guarantees that you get paid while you get on-the job training.

Get quality healthcare for your whole family

Start your journey while responsibly providing for your family. As an apprentice, you receive top quality healthcare for you and your whole family.

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We're IBEW Local 569.

We're a union for electrical workers, helping veterans get up to speed with the transition back into the real world.

You deserve a smooth transition back to the real world.

Like you, we’re a brotherhood and sisterhood of veterans and service members too.

Founded in 1920, IBEW 569 has 100 years of experience helping electrical workers San Diego and Imperial counties.

At the end of the day, you want a roadmap to keep advancing in life, and we provide that.

IBEW Local 569 is here to show you the exact next steps to work toward your next promotion.

Provide for your family. Earn a great pension. Take pride in what you do. Build a stronger community.

IBEW 569 is here for you.

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Over 100 Years

Advocating for electricians and families

$100,000+ / YEAR

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If you’re looking for a smooth transition to the real-world, IBEW Local 569 is here to help.

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