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IBEW 569 Stands in Solidarity with IBEW Local 1

Attention IBEW members – please educate yourself by reading this article and take action to stop the spread of corporate greed, poaching electrical work, and the creation of a downward spiral of lower wages and bad benefits. 
We have been made aware of a splinter group called Local 57 that is seeking to harm IBEW Local 1 with actions that lower prevailing wages and training standards. Local 57 is not affiliated with the AFL-CIO and is looking out for the pocketbooks of their contractors over the interests of their members. 
IBEW Local 1 is asking all Local 57 members to check out to sign an electronic union authorization card.
Rather than dividing ourselves over crumbs, we stand in solidarity for better wages and working conditions. We are stronger together, and IBEW will continue to uphold the highest standards for apprenticeship, training, and fair compensation for all people that work in the electrical industry.