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Passing of Brother Journeyman Wireman Robert (Rob) E. Hepburn — Member of Local 595

Even though Brother HEP’-burn (how he pronounced his name) wasn’t our member, he worked through our Local not only long enough to sign Book 1, but also to become a ‘fixture’ on some of the bigger jobs. If you worked at San Onofre during the 80s (or even throughout 1993), you either may have heard his resonant South Carolinian voice, or remember seeing him with his trademark ‘brush’ of a mustache, or both.

Rob actually began his Local 569 career in 1978, at S.D.G.&E. It wasn’t long before “the call of” Bechtel grabbed his attention. If he wasn’t at Bechtel in the 80s, he would have been at Catalytic (2 dispatches), Fluor, Ebasco, or Southland Electric. Rob’s last job with Local 569 was a short call at Davies Electric, in 1994. He would return to his Home Local to work, and eventually made his way to Florida, which remained his home until he passed on February 27th. He was 73 years old.

Some of you retirees, who worked with “Hep”, may have fond memories and/or funny stories that can be shared with his widow. If so, please feel free to  email them to Janine (, and she’ll be happy to forward to her.