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IBEW Member Makes Halloween a Very Electric Holiday!

IBEW Member Makes Halloween a Very Electric Holiday!

San Diego electrician available for interviews on Halloween display and electrical safety

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Halloween on Channing Street in San Diego is a very big deal. For a decade, Dean Dobbins, a journeyman electrician and member of IBEW Local 569, has been giving our community a show to remember: one of the biggest and most elaborate displays of lights, sound, and animatronic ghouls and ghosts in the state.

Every year, Dobbins, 61, makes his Halloween display bigger and better. Dobbins says he draws on his experience as a union electrician not only to coordinate electric lights, sounds, and movement of his display, but also to keep the wiring safe.

It’s a treat that dazzles about 2,500 visitors on Halloween night alone. It takes more than 1,000 cords, dozens of controllers and 24,000 switches, all set up one at a time, to keep the computer-controlled show going. And of course, there is candy.

Dobbins is available for interviews at his Clairemont-area home and can share tips for making your Halloween display both impressive and safe.
But even with his professional knowledge, Dobbins undertakes considerable time to plan-out the perfect Halloween display. This year, he started in June.

“I just get carried away!” he said. “It’s a pretty massive undertaking.”

If Halloween isn’t your favorite holiday, Dean Dobbins and wife Melodie have you covered. They also set up huge displays for Christmas and the Fourth of July.

Note: The display is near Channing Street and Limerick Avenue. For more information or an interview with Dean and Melodie Dobbins, call Launce Rake with Summers Strategies at (702) 917-7541. Photo attached, or see YouTube video here.