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Passing of Brothers Richard Derryberry, Marlin Locke, Owen F. Marion

We mourn the passing of three IBEW 569 Brothers/

Retired Sign Serviceman Richard Derryberry was 84 years old when he passed on July 21st. He had been a Local 569 member for almost 45 years. By the time Brother Derryberry initiated into our Local in 1972, he had already served in the U.S. army for 20 years, and retired as an MSG E-8 level. His first employer was Pacific Maintenance. Richard’s entire Local 569 career was spent at Pacific Maintenance and Cal Neon. Prior to retiring in late 1995, Richard served on the negotiating committee for his own Sign unit. Private service already held.

Retired Jur. Inside Wireman Marlin Locke, who was 84 years old, when he passed on September 8th. He had been an IBEW and Local 569 member for over 56 years. When Brother Locke obligated into Local 569 in Dec. 1960, he had already served in the U.S. Navy, doing electrical work, of course. He began as an Industrial Electrician, in our Aircraft division, at Ets Hokin & Galvan. By 1963, he decide to take a Travel Card to Local 447 (El Centro). Yes, El Centro had their own jurisdiction, at that time. Then in late 1969, Marlin decided that he preferred working in San Diego, so he began working at “traveler” status through the same Local in which he initiated nine years earlier. By early 1972, he was able to transfer back to San Diego, and in 1973, he started his own company, Locke Electric. After being his own boss for many years, he decided to give up his contractor’s license, and just work through “the hall”, beginning in 1988. Marlin then worked for Morrow-Meadows, Neal Electric, and finished his working career in February 1989, while at Howard Electric. Family services have been held.

Journeyman Inside Wireman Owen F. Marion, who was 88 years old, when he passed on October 13th. Brother Marion had been a Local 569 member for 66 years, obligating in September 1951. There was a definite need for experienced construction electricians in those early 50s, for Brother Marion was dispatched as a Journeyman Wireman practically immediately upon arrival in San Diego (originally from Newton, Iowa). By Spring 1952, however, he was inducted into the U.S. Navy. He only had to serve until Dec. 25, 1953 (Christmas present?), and dispatched to La Mesa Electric on January 4, 1954. He would spend his career at So. Contracting, Chula Vista, Fischbach & Moore, Van Der Linden, Bechtel Units 2 & 3, Bechtel GPMA, Catalytic, Catton/McCutcheon, and completed his career while at Fluor, in 1988.