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California’s Transportation Funding Package Must Do More for Public Transit

IBEW 569 believes California should be making greater investments in affordable public transportation that will create local jobs, ease traffic, address climate change, and reduce the toll of asthma attacks, cancer, and other pollution-related illness on our families and our communities. And we agree –> “California’s transportation funding package must do more for public transit!” Scroll down to share this post if you agree!

California’s transportation funding package must do more for public transit


Special to The Bee

California faces a transportation crisis, with gridlock, crushing commutes and significant negative impacts on our environment, economy and quality of life.

We will never solve this problem without massive, transformational investments in public transportation that make it easier for people to get around in a safe, healthy, convenient and efficient way.

The Legislature and governor must step up and significantly fund our public transportation. No more lip service. No more empty gestures. No more cutting ribbons on high-profile transit projects while letting our transit systems overall deteriorate. It’s time for California to prioritize public transportation.

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