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WIN – PLA on Largest Skyscraper in San Diego – More Work for IBEW 569!

Today, IBEW 569 members testified in support of the California Theater Project with the developer Caydon – the largest skyscraper to be constructed in San Diego with 41-stories of mixed-use development – to be built over multiple years with a PLA that will put many IBEW 569 members to work!

We thank San Diego City Council for moving this project forward, and to our members that shared how this project will benefit the local economy and the skilled and trained construction workforce. 

Here are some of the remarks from our members:

Jose Durazo

The members of IBEW Local 569 of San Diego who work countless dedicated hours to construct our city and provide for our families are highly looking forward to Project. This project will give much opportunity for us skilled and trained employees to put our hand and minds to work to build up our community with this California Theatre Project. All the hard work that 569 members and many other union trades out in to countless hours of schooling and on the job training can be spent here on this project, investing time and talent into our city. Thank you for your considerations of keeping this project Union as a PLA.

Simon Williams

My name is Simon Williams and I am a new union member of IBEW 569. I ask you to support the California Theater Project, as this project will help create new apprenticeship opportunities – opportunities that would enable someone like me to take my new job as an entry level street light tech and build it into a career as a construction electrician with training, good wages, and benefits. Please support this project and let’s build stronger communities!

Steve Wilcox

Good morning, my name is Steve Wilcox – I am a third generation San Diegan, resident of District 7 and a proud union member of IBEW 569.  I am here to speak in support of the California Theater Project and encourage you to vote in support of this development that will create hundreds of good-paying local construction jobs. This is the kind of development we need more of in San Diego – fixing blight and creating jobs that impact generations of local residents with good wages and benefits. Thank you.” 

Nephi Hancock

Good morning, my name is Nephi Hancock – I am a retired and proud union member of IBEW 569 – I spent my career helping to build the skyline of San Diego, and I am here to speak in support of the California Theater Project and encourage you to vote in support of this development. This project will help create careers like my own, so that our electricians can proudly point to this skyscaper – the tallest in San Diego – and tell their children they built this!  Thank you.

Jennifer Wilson

Good morning, my name is Jennifer Wilson – I am a veteran, electical apprenticeship graduate, and proud union member of IBEW 569 – I encourage you to support the California Theater Project. This development will create hundreds of new apprenticeship opportunities – and will pay prevailing wages that help families to thrive – and I’ll throw out there that these wages and union jobs are earned with equity and hardwork  – there is no glass ceiling for union trandeswomen! Please suppor the project! Thank you.

Gretchen Newsom

Gretchen Newsom on behalf of IBEW 569 and our 3,600 union electricians and power professionals – here today speaking in support of the California Theater Project.  This project will be built under a Project Labor Agreement – creating hundreds of jobs for our local residents with wages and benefits that help families thrive – while also creating new apprenticeship opportunities and entry level construction jobs.

Our members pride themselves on building stronger communities, and would love to be able to point the California Theater Project – the largest high-rise project in San Diego – and share proudly with their children that mom or dad once again helped build the skyline of San Diego – and also fix a blighted area next to City Hall while activating mixed use housing along transit.