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Passing of Retired Brother Ray Thomas, Jr.

We mourn the passing of Brother Ray R. Thomas, Jr. (June 25, 1948 ~ May 26, 2022 ~ Age 73)


In 1967, when Ray was just 19, he began as an Apprentice Inside Wireman at California Electric Works (CALEWO).  He would learn his craft at various shops:  Schwarz, (then-Union) Bergelectric, Southern Contracting, Atlantic, Capitol, Goodwin, Foshay, Universal, and Becker.  

After he became a Journeyman, Ray was successively dispatched to (among others):  ‘70s — Arrow, Bergelectric, S.D.G. & E., Owl Electric, Oilfield, Pretzer, Foshay, Hardelco, Universal, Bechtel Unit 1, Kett Electric, and Bechtel Units 2 & 3.  ‘80s — C & J Enterprises, L & B, American Tote, Bergelectric, Southland, Bechtel.  90s — S Southern Contracting, Chula Vista, Synergy, Domar, and Neal Electric.  Right after the Neal job wrapped on late 2001, Ray was dispatched to Saturn Electric, where he’d spend the next 5 years.  In December 2006, he was dispatched, as a Foreman, to Baker Electric.  Almost three years later, Ray decided to retire, in July 2009. 

Our staff will remember him as an easy-going and kind member, just as his father before him, Ray R. Thomas, Sr.  We miss them both.

Please read the loving tribute from his family: