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New VIDEO: IBEW 569 & Solving San Diego's Housing Shortage

Check out this new VIDEO on how our members are building housing and the San Diego skyline! Way to go Team IBEW 569 and NECA contractor HMT Electric!

From Electric TV

A skyline defines a city – iconic buildings and structures etch permanent images in our minds.

As a result, reversing the trend of the 1990’s ‘suburban flight’, urban areas have never been more popular for a number of reasons; living where you work, access to public transportation, dining and social options, et cetera.

And cities from coast-to-coast are feeling the pressure to accommodate their growing populations; one in particular is San Diego. Thanks to the skill, safety and productivity of the Powering America Team of IBEW Local 569 and NECA Contractor HMT Electric, San Diego’s newest skyscrapers are being professionally built.

Watch the full story on Electric TV now:…/neca-ibew-powering-america-team-re…/