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Local 569 Supports Senator Kehoe's Bill to Put Transit Over Freeway Expansion

IBEW Local 569 thanks Senator Kehoe for introducing SB 468 to put transit before freeway expansion.

California has a long history of struggling with air pollution from automotive vehicles. With the help of visionary leaders like Senator Kehoe, we have made gains as a state to reduce smog and particulates but we can, and must, do more. Fortunately, we have transit solutions that can reduce pollution in our communities while creating quality green construction jobs.  SB 468 offers a common-sense approach to ensure we are looking at the best transit options available in light of public health, coastal protection and traffic congestion.

IBEW 569 members live, work and play in our coastal communities. Our families breathe the air and we spend time at the coast. We agree with Senator Kehoe that better transit should precede freeway expansion and we wholeheartedly support SB468.