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IBEW 569 Portfolio: PURE WATER OCEANSIDE Advanced Water Purification Facility

IBEW 569 members working for Shimmick are constructing the PURE WATER OCEANSIDE Advanced Water Purification Facility.

Pure Water Oceanside will purify recycled water to create a new, local source of high-quality drinking water that is clean, safe, drought-proof and environmentally sound. The program will produce enough water to provide more than 30% of the city’s water supply.

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Per Shimmick, ‘Pure Water Oceanside is the first operating advanced water purification project in San Diego County, and will purify recycled water using state-of-the-art technology that replicates and accelerate nature’s natural recycling process. The three purification steps are ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light advanced oxidization. Minerals are added before the water is injected into the Mission Basin, where it will blend with the naturally occurring groundwater and recharge the aquifer. The water is then extracted and treated again at the Mission Basin Groundwater Purification Facility and finally distributed to customers in the City.

Shimmick and IBEW 569 members will construct nitrification-denitrification (NDN) facilities and Plant 2 blower improvements, as well as a new AWPF process building, with a process feed tank, pump station and strainers, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light advanced oxidation, stabilization, product water pump station and connection to conveyance piping. Shimmick will also install a waste equalization wet-well and pump station and pipeline to plant headworks. A new reverse osmosis concentrate pipeline connection to the secondary effluent pump station and chemical storage and feed facilities as well as other site work.’

Photos by IBEW Member Brian Campbell.