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EV Roadmap Increases County EV Fleet; Installs More Charging Infrastructure; and Incentivizes Purchases

A new course has been charted for San Diego County’s electric vehicle future. The County Board of Supervisors today supported plans for Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s Electric Vehicle Roadmap which will expand the County’s electric vehicle (EV) fleet, install convenient EV charging station infrastructure and increase EV ownership and use countywide.

IBEW 569 applauds the County in taking this exciting step forward to advance the growth of electric vehicles in our region and we thank Supervisor Fletcher for his leadership.

As we know, EVs are a win-win for cleaner air, climate action and creating electrical work and skilled training opportunities.

IBEW 569 looks forward to collaborating with the County and fellow stakeholders on ensuring a safe, successful program that benefits the community and supports California’s statewide electric vehicle and greenhouse gas reduction targets.

“We are driving toward a greener, more sustainable future by accelerating our commitment to electrifying the County vehicle fleet, building new charging infrastructure, and incentivizing people to go electric,” said Supervisor Fletcher, a member of the California Air Resources Board. “With the passage of the Electric Vehicle Roadmap, we are leading the way and asking others to join us in pushing for change.”

The Electric Vehicle Roadmap includes:

1. Further Reducing the County’s Fleet of Gas-Powered Vehicles

○ Convert 250 County fleet gas-powered vehicles to EVs by 2025 and install necessary EV charging infrastructure.

○ Convert an additional 251 County fleet gas-powered vehicles to EVs for a total of 501 by 2027 and install necessary EV charging infrastructure at 16 County sites.

○ Consider additional categories of light-duty vehicles for conversion, and purchase EVs as feasible.

2. Accelerate Installation of EV Charging Stations at Public Locations in County Facilities and in the Unincorporated County

○ Install 63 publicly accessible Level II chargers at seven County facilities for public and employee use, which will increase the number of public charging infrastructure at County facilities to 100 chargers.

3. Promote and Incentivize County Employee EV Ownership.

○ Develop partnerships with banks, credit unions, dealerships to extend lending and pricing benefits.

4. Incentivize and/or Require EV Charging Infrastructure in New and Existing Private MultiFamily Residential and/or Non-Residential Development

5. Fund EV Expert/Consumer Advocate as a Regional Resource

○ Increase EV ownership and charging station installations through education, outreach, regional collaboration, and incentives.

6. Collaborate with Regional Partners to Support Public and Private Fleet Electrification.

Supervisor Fletcher’s Electric Vehicle Roadmap, supports the Operational Excellence Initiative in the County of San Diego’s 2019-2024 Strategic Plan by pursuing policy and program changes to positively impact residents.

Since the proposal for developing an Electric Vehicle Roadmap was introduced by the Supervisor Fletcher in April, he’s been engaging with community stakeholders to champion the benefits of electrifying the county. For example, last month, as part of Clean Air Day, the Supervisor hosted a free Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive to create greater understanding in the community about the benefits of using and purchasing EVs. More than 70 people took a spin around the County Administration Center in EVs during that event.