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San Diego Electrical Training Center Hires a Telecom Professional


In continuing effort to evolve with the rapidly changing low voltage industry and to foresee their customers’ needs. NECA-San Diego/IBEW-Local 569 has brought on board, Timothy Moylan, a Low Voltage Professional from Chicago. He is the new “Sound and Communication Coordinator” for the San Diego Electrical Training Center. This Training Center, one of the finest in the country, is jointly administered by the NECA electrical contractors of San Diego, and the professional electrical workforce of Local 569, of San Diego.

Tim has worked in the electrical industry for over thirty years, he is a second generation electrician and his son is now a third generation electrician, for Local 134 in Chicago. Tim has a Masters of Arts in Teaching, is a BICSI International Low Voltage certified Trainer, FOA, (Fiber optics Association) fiber optics certified trainer, FOA, copper certified trainer, an OSHA certified trainer, and an American Heart association certified Trainer. He has been a supervisor of all varieties of electrical installations, has instructed and directed low voltage classes and students.

Johnny Simpson, Business Manager of the Local 569 electrical union, stated that, “Our NECA contractors have always been able to confidently bid on any and all electrical installations in San Diego. This is because of our commitment to keep up with emerging technologies. We will continue to go after the training needed to keep Local 569 electricians at the forefront in education and the knowledge to install these technologies”.

Andy Berg, Executive Director of National Electrical Contractors Association of San Diego, remarked, “We are very fortunate to have been able to lure Tim away from a great apprenticeship program in Chicago. His experience and expertise coupled with that of our already outstanding staff will lead our award-winning training center to even greater heights in the years to come”.

Patrick Knighton, a Navy veteran, and Director of the San Diego Electrical training center, commented, “Many of our members are former Navy, Marine, and other service veterans. In the service they were exposed to very complex electronic systems. They relish receiving that type of education again. They get to show their skill to the contractors and customers of San Diego. One of our mottos is “Change or become irrelevant!”

Tim says, “I have always known that San Diego has attracted the leaders in industry, education and athletics. This area is known for its creativity and thinking outside the box. There is a cooperative effort to solve problems and to get the job done. I am fortunate to be able to now work in that enriched environment”.