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Passing of Retired Journeyman Inside Wiremen Eric D. Heard and Gerald P. Moore

We mourn the passing of Eric D. Heard, who passed in early November.  He was 61 years old, and had been a Local 569 member for over 36 years. 

At 22, in late 1980, Eric followed in his family’s footsteps, by coming into the Union ‘family’, and began his work career at San Onofre.  In those days, it was “all hands on deck” at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) (carried forward from the 70s), and many (even beginning) apprentice wiremen were dispatched to work there.  Eric would be dispatched to SONGS three more times before he graduated.  After graduation, he gained wider experience, with his dispatches to H.T. Electric, EBASCO, ECA, Robinson Electric, Accelerated, and Chula Vista Electric.  And, yes, he would be dispatched to SONGS two more times in the early 90s.  Eric was on disability pension for the past two years.

We mourn the passing of Brother Gerald P. Moore, in December, who was 83 years old.  Brother Moore had been a member of Local 569 for over 62 years.  

He began working as an apprentice wireman on March 13, 1957, and less than 2 months later, on May 8th,  he was initiated into membership.  In fact, this short timeline between starting work and being given the Oath of Obligation, was really unheard of, during this  time.  While in his apprenticeship, Gerald honed his skills at Burton Electric, Atlas, Grady Ling, Federal Electric, Chula Vista Electric, Davies Electric, and Imperial Beach Electric.   He graduated in November 1960, and for the next several years, he worked for San Diego Gas & Electric, A.W. Myers, Johnson’s Electric, and Signal Hill Electric.  In either the late 70s or early 80s,  Gerald was dispatched to Y’R (pronounced wi’re [get it?]) Electric, and stayed with them until 1992.  He retired in 1998. 

Brother Moore requested that no services be held.