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Passing of Retired J.I.W. Jean Pierre Derogy

We mourn Brother Derogy’s passing on February 18, 2018. He was 82 years old, and was a member of Local 569 and the IBEW for over 60 years.

Brother Jean Pierre Derogy began his electrical training while serving in the French Navy. He enlisted soon after turning 17 years old, and stayed for 3 years. After his discharge from the Navy, his training allowed him to secure a journeyman electrician position with La Radio Technique, in Paris, where he stayed for 2 years. By 1957, Pierre decided to “go west”, and he arrived in San Diego. With his now 5 years of electrical experience, he easily secured a job at San Diego Gas & Electric, in the electric repair shop, and he also joined Local 465. Within 2 years, Jean Pierre realized the better opportunity with Local 569, and he was dispatched to Elec. Construction (industrial shop) in June 1959. By 1961, Local 569 accepted his Travel Card, and in 1965, he passed his Journeyman Inside Wireman’s test. For the next 32 years, Jean Pierre never looked back.

His career included: Elec. Const. (3 dispatches), Encinitas Electric (2 dispatches), Saturn, So. Contracting, Foshay (2 dispatches), Econ, SDG&E, and Bechtel Units 2 & 3 (5 dispatches). Jean Pierre’s last job was with Bechtel. He retired in 1997. During the late 70s, Jean Pierre and Ken Denk (pictured below) were almost simultaneously dispatched to Bechtel Units 2 & 3. They became fast friends, and continued their lifelong friendship, until Ken passed almost exactly 3 years ago. Jean Pierre, like Ken, was truly a “gentle”man, and had a kind and selfless manner about him. He will be greatly missed. A family memorial has already been held.