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NO WAY on Measure A!

IBEW 569 is opposed to Measure A – a deceptive half-cent sales tax increase that will pollute our communities!

San Diego County residents have worked hard to fight climate change and clean up the air our children breathe. On Election Day (November 8th), you have a chance to score a big win in that fight!

How? By saying: NO WAY Measure A!

Measure A isn’t just an $18 billion blank check, it’s a burden on San Diego families. 

It would cause irreversible environmental damage and accelerate our climate crisis. Measure A’s highway expansion would carelessly pump exhaust and pollution into our neighborhoods, a huge risk for children and seniors. And Measure A would lock San Diego into a forty-year tax increase to pay for a backwards plan that will do nothing to reduce commute times or costs. 

But it’s not too late to stop Measure A in its tracks. 

The people of San Diego are saying “No Way to Measure A.” Elected officials, business leaders, working families, public health advocates, and environmentalists are speaking up against this threatto San Diego’s quality of life.

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We should be modernizing our community for the 21st century – making smart investments in affordable public transportation that will ease traffic, address climate change, and reduce the toll of asthma attacks, cancer, and other pollution-related illness on our families and our communities. 

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