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Lawsuit Filed Against Measure A Proponents for Misleading Ballot Statement – VOTE No Way on Measure A

San Diego, CA (Sept. 6, 2016) – Measure A opponents have filed a lawsuit in San Diego Superior Court challenging the factual accuracy of the ballot statements filed by Measure A supporters. The lawsuit alleges the pro-A ballot arguments make misleading claims in violation of California state law.

Ricardo Ochoa, legal counsel to the Quality of Life Coalition, asserts, “Measure A supporters are playing fast and loose with the facts. The simple truth is Measure A is deceptive and does more harm than good to San Diego County communities.”

California law prohibits ballot authors from including false, misleading, or inconsistent statements in ballot arguments. The lawsuit specifically identifies misleading statements related to water quality and transit fare reduction. The pro-A ballot statement promises to improve water quality by treating polluted runoff and reduce transit fares for seniors, students, the disabled and veterans, when in fact, Measure A includes no dedicated funding to either of those causes.


Gretchen Newsom, petitioner, condemned Measure A supporters noting, “Making promises that cannot be delivered equates to lying, and in this case, that means lying to voters. Voters deserve to know the truth about this harmful 40-year tax increase that is heavy on rhetoric and light on accountability. Somebody had to set the record straight and expose these misleading claims by Measure A supporters.”

Measure A opponents include environmental, public health and social justice organizations, transit advocates, elected leaders, businesses and working families from across San Diego County. These allies oppose Measure A’s harmful 40-year tax that gives a blank check to government bureaucrats with no guarantees to relieve traffic congestion, reduce air pollution or meet state targets to address climate change. These allies advocate for a better vision that addresses climate and modernizes San Diego’s transportation system for the 21st century.