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IBEW 569 wants a strong Clean Energy Alliance Inclusive & Sustainable Workforce Policy

IBEW 569 comments delivered at Carlsbad City Council meeting:

There are some who question why IBEW 569 would urge the Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) to adopt a strong Inclusive & Sustainable Workforce Policy?

A proposal that includes provisions such as:

CEA will proactively seek services from local businesses taking steps to protect the environment;

Will engage in efforts to reach diverse communities to ensure an inclusive pool of potential suppliers;

And yes, commonsense job quality, safety and training provisions for local workers.

A commenter at a prior meeting asked who is IBEW 569? IBEW 569 are electricians, construction workers who build schools, hospitals and solar projects. Essential workers. Your neighbors.

People who have been working in energy for over 100 years.

We are asking CEA to adopt a strong Inclusive and Sustainable Workforce Policy that advances community benefits, local jobs, equity and stronger diversity and inclusivity language.

Fundamental conversations like these are happening at CCAs around the state.

We strongly disagree with those who believe everyday working people, professionals working in energy, don’t deserve a seat at the table helping to shape policy discussions at our new community energy agency.

Thank you and we look forward to ongoing engagement and participation as stakeholders.