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IBEW 569 News: Healthcare Extended

Attention IBEW 569 Members:

IBEW 569 has worked with NECA and the Trust Office to ensure members currently enrolled in our plan will retain healthcare coverage through May 2020. The Board could vote to extend this coverage depending on facts and circumstances as they unfold going forward.

  • Any Bargaining member who had coverage in March 2020 will maintain coverage through May 2020. This will be achieved through a combination of Hours Worked, Reserve Hours and the Trust crediting hours as necessary to maintain coverage.
  • Retirees will continue to maintain coverage under the current system.
  • Non-Bargaining employees furloughed during March 2020 with the expectation of being re-hired will maintain coverage through May 2020. Upon re-hire, the Contractor will pay all back hours for any full months missed to continue the Non-Bargaining Employee’s coverage.

Click here to read the details from our IBEW 569 Health and Welfare Trust.