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IBEW 569 Job and Dispatch Report

(Our phones and member website continue to be down – Below is our Dispatch Information and Jobs Report. We will keep you updated as soon as we have these issues fixed.)

Brothers and Sisters. This is Local 569’s Dispatch Information for Friday, September 25, 2021 5:00pm Update. 

The last number called on the books are as follows:

The Journeyman Inside Wireman Short Call Book for September is 155. 

The Journeyman Inside Wireman Regular Call Book is 195. 

The Journeyman Inside Wireman Valley Book is 122.

The Journeyman Sound Tech Book is 12. 

The Sound Tech Book is 9.

The Construction Electrician Book is 27.

The Construction Electrician Imperial Valley Book is 11.

The Construction Wireman Book is 154. 

The Construction Wireman Imperial Valley Book is 110. 

The Streetlight Technician Book is 205.

The Material Handler Book is 67.


5 JWs and 1 CE were dispatched today. 


The new calls for Monday, September 27, 2021 are:

  • 1 JW FCBN ($53.70) for CSI for Jeffery Manual to report immediately after dispatch | I-9, Clean Card, and State Cert Required


The open unfilled calls still available for dispatch are:

  • 11 CE5’s ($22.05) for MA Mortenson report Monday after dispatch; I-9, Clean Card, and On-Site Drug Test Required. Working 5-12’s and a 10. 2 week job to work in Valley Center.
  • 1 CW3 ($17.05) for NB Baker to report Tuesday at 7AM, background check, working residential solar; I-9, Clean Card, and Background Check Required. Working Residential Solar

Dispatch time is 7:30 AM. If you are not presently on the Available for Work Book, and have not signed the Book by 4:30 PM today, or in returning from a short call that has been terminated (through no fault of your own), and have not re-signed the Book by 7:30 AM on the next dispatch day, you will not be eligible for dispatching on that next dispatch day. That’s all for now, Brothers and Sisters. Thank you.