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IBEW 569 HERO – Oscar Stewart

On Saturday morning, 125 of our IBEW 569 members volunteered their skills to fix electrical systems for families in need across San Diego County – but at the same time of our volunteer service…a terrorist opened fire on congregants of a local synagogue in Poway.  

We are deeply thankful that our IBEW 569 brother and Army veteran Oscar Stewartcourageously helped stop further bloodshed by scaring off and chasing away the shooter.

Click here to read the LA Times article on what Oscar did to save local lives. 

Let us also be reminded of the words of solidarity from our IBEW International President Lonnie Stephenson: “Bigotry of any kind divides member against member, destroys the foundations of solidarity and undermines our power as a union.”

IBEW 569 stands up against hate and we send our hearts and prayers to our Poway Chabad community.