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Congressional Tour of ETI and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Today, IBEW 569 hosted a Congressional visit to our Electrical Training Institute.

Congressmembers Mike Levin, Juan Vargas, and Scott Peters visited ETI to promote the critical investments and career opportunities included within the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Construction apprenticeship programs have a proven track record of taking the high road with excellent training and education, and opportunities to earn while you learn – with professional certifications and college credits that create lifelong middle-class career opportunities for apprenticeship graduates.

With industry partners, IBEW 569 owns and operates the Electrical Training Center and electrical apprenticeships with good wages, family healthcare, retirement benefits and college credits –  and we have expanded our apprenticeship to serve more than 550 apprentices.

Apprenticeship is the high road to quality construction careers. 

In addressing our newest cohort of pre-apprentices, Congressman Mike Levin remarked, “this is an exciting time to be discussing labor and union jobs with the bipartisan infrastructure plan now law. This legislation not only invests in our communities, but will also create millions of good, domestic jobs to help rebuild our country’s infrastructure.”

Congressman Mike Levin further stated, “the overwhelming majority of the funds in the bipartisan infrastructure law will be subject to Davis-Bacon requirements, which ensure that contractors pay workers on construction projects a fair, prevailing wage so that local wages, labor markets, and workers won’t be undercut. These requirements will protect wages for millions of workers, grow the economy, and support good-paying jobs.”

Congressman Scott Peters noted that apprenticeship training alongside journey-level electricians makes sure the job is done right the first time, and espoused his support for Project Labor Agreements because they create more apprenticeship opportunities and local jobs. 

To learn more about our career and training opportunities, check out: our Electrical Training Institute: and!

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