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Congrats to our 2019 IBEW 569 / NECA Apprenticeship Graduates

Congratulations to our 85 apprentices that are now Graduates from the Inside Wireman and Sound Technician programs of our Electrical Training Institute. We are so proud of you! With the toughest graduation standards in the industry, the joint apprenticeship class of 2019 has earned their long-awaited certificates and will join our ranks of being the best in the electrical industry. 

Check out more photos of our 2019 Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony and Dinner here:

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Recognition of Perfect Attendance 

Jesse Belchamber; Joseph Alicea; Daniel Araiza Reyes; Drew Fairbanks; Ian Faulk; Lynn Featherstone; Eric Friddell; William Fuchs; Salvador Garcia; Erich Hall; Cynthia Luna; Travis Murphy; Charles Nelson;  Taylor Patrick; Nicholas Richey; Andrew Sauls; Michael Sylakowski; and Ivan Torres.

Excellence in Work Performance Award

Michael Sylakowski and David Ramos

I.B.E.W. Union Strong Award

Amanda Lane, April Hatton, and Angel Martinez

Outstanding Graduates

Andrew Sauls and Kevin Alexander

Student Council Service Award

Kevin Alexander

Lifelong Learning Award

Luis Rosas

JW Trainer of the Year

Patrick (Jyo) Enomoto

Scholarship Winner

Above and Beyond Award

Oscar Stewart

2018 Sound Technician Graduates

Fernando Aceves 
Kevin Alexander 
Eduardo Arellano 
Luis Fernandez 
Eric Friddell 
Favian Garcia 
Clint Hines
Amanda Lane 
David Ramos 

2018 Inside Wireman Graduates

Joseph Alicea 
Zachary Allen 
Arturo Anguiano 
David Arguilez 
Daniel Araiza Reyes 
Kenneth Bashaw 
Jesse Belchamber 
Alejandro Bojorquez-Morales
Pedro Camarero Moreno
Alfonso Carmona-Jimenez 
Elaina Coyle 
Shawn Crane 
Trevor Cunningham
Aubrey Daniels
Matthew Deyoung
Henry Dillingham 
Arturo Dominguez Jr. 
Courtney Elliott-Black
Drew Fairbanks 
Ian Faulk 
Lynn Featherstone Jr.
Orion Feist 
Eddie Figueroa 
Brian Fontes 
William Fuchs 
Robert Funderburk
Salvador Garcia 
Jeffery Hackney Jr.
Erich Hall 
April Hatton 
Alan Herrera 
Tyler Hicks 
Adrian Hutchison 
Alejandro Ibarra 
Joshua Lake
Timothy LeCapitaine 
Carlos Lizarraga Mora 
Nicholas Looney 
Cynthia Luna
Max Andrew Madrigal 
Joseph Mariano 
Angel Martinez 
Joseph Mass 
Anthony Medina 
Eugene Mitchell 

Natassjia Mitchell 
Steven Morando 
Nicholas Mueller 
Edgar Muro 
Travis Murphy 
Francisco Murrieta 
Michael Navariz-Bradley
Charles Nelson 
Alejandro Olvera 
Gabriel Ortega 
Taylor Patrick 
Gunnar Peterson 
Christopher Piccinini
Lucas Reed 
Nicholas Richey
Jeff Rilling 
Clayton Royer
Adrian Russu 
Hector Sandoval 
John Sandy 
Andrew Sauls 
Tyler Smith 
Ben Swanson 
Michael Sylakowski 
Adrian Tirado 
Ivan Torres 
John Torres 
Ernan Vargas 
Jesse Webster 
Jeremiah Wendt 
Phillip Windrem