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Ban on San Diego Project Labor Agreements Lifted

We have some big news to share!  On October 20th, the San Diego City Council unanimously passed a resolution that lifted the City’s ban on Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s)!

As you may remember, the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and other anti-union organizations were proponents of Prop A – the 2012 ballot initiative that banned Project Labor Agreements with an exception to protect taxpayers. 

ABC and Big Business put San Diego in a perilous position by ignoring warnings from the State of California that if Prop A passed then “San Diego would no longer be eligible to receive state grants for local construction projects, which could cost San Diego up to $158 million per year.”

Yesterday, the City Council unanimously passed a resolution confirming “that as a condition for the receipt of state funding and financial assistance, that the City and its City Council maintain discretion to adopt, require or utilize project labor agreementsin all State and City funded construction contracts, the City remains eligible for hundreds of millions of state funds.”

Taxpayers, workers, and contractors can all benefit from PLA’s – a construction management tool that helps efficient and economical development and ensures the steady supply of highly skilled and qualified workers!

 “A financial crisis was averted today,” said City Council President Todd Gloria, adding that if the city hadn’t fixed this problem, it could have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure aid. Todd said that last year alone, the city could have lost $383 million because of the dispute.

We give special thanks to Speaker Toni Atkins and Council President Todd Gloria for helping to get this done!