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ACTION ALERT: Stop By-Right and Don't Let Our Voice Be Taken Away!

From our California Labor Federation:

For decades, California has had laws that gave the public a voice to ensure that community and environmental impacts are considered before developments projects are approved.

Now, the Governor has introduced a sweeping proposal that would let developers cut corners and enable housing projects to be hastily approved. Trailer bill 707 would allow housing developments to be built “by-right.” This means no public oversight and no local government review. And rather than helping California during the housing crunch, the proposal could undermine existing, local affordable housing goals.

Tell legislators to stand with us and say no to developers who want to take away our public or environmental voice!

California needs policies that spur good developments – especially low income and affordable housing – in a way that supports existing middle class jobs, strengthens the democratic process, and protects the health and safety of our communities.

Sadly, this proposal does nothing to truly address the housing crisis in California. It only gives developers special exemptions at the expense of working families, the environment, and tenant protections.

In fact, it makes things worse by directly undermining existing local affordable housing goals—putting communities and our environment at risk.

Join us and over 60 other organizations including the Sierra Club, and Tenants Together who together represent over 2 million working families in racially and economically diverse urban areas across California to say, “Don’t take away our voice!”

Transparency, full disclosure and a public voice are among the few tools that everyday Californians have to make sure that pollution and other impacts are minimized before developments are approved.

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