For Electricians

IBEW 569 Building Kaiser Hospital_Photo by Kris Newsom of Rogue Planet Art

Check out the top 5 reasons to become an electrician with IBEW Local 569:

  1. We’ve got your back: A union provides strength in numbers and prevents employers from stiffing you on wages, discriminating against you, forcing you to work in unsafe conditions or any number of other worksite violations.
  2. You deserve better: Tired of piecing together two and three jobs to make ends meet? Worried about what will happen to you or your family if you have an expensive medical emergency? Joining IBEW Local 569 can help you put these worries to rest and provide a pathway into a middle-class lifestyle.
  3. No more job hunting: Becoming an IBEW 569 member isn’t just another job, it’s a career. When you join, you’ll have access to our skilled training program and we’ll place you with one of our 250+ union contractors.
  4. We know the law: If an employer violates your rights on the job, you don’t have to take them on alone. We’ll make sure you are being treated fairly on the job.
  5. You’ll be old one day: Even though it seems a long way off, one day you’ll be old and tired and ready to hang up your tools. When you retire with IBEW Local 569, you’ll have a great pension so you can travel or pick up a new hobby or just hang around and have fun.


There are several ways to become an IBEW 569 member. You can come in through our apprenticeship training program or through another pathway, depending on your experience.

To join or to speak with someone directly about becoming an IBEW 569 member, please contact:

If you are a contractor looking to partner with IBEW 569, please contact Joe Page, Assistant Business Manager at 858-569-8900 x 107 or