Anthony Electric was founded in 1959.  The nearly half-century of its existence has been a period of significant change and remarkable advancements.  During this time, however, the management team of Anthony Electric has noted one constant:  the relationship a contractor builds with his clients remains the key to his success.

By focusing on building long-term relationships, Anthony Electric has developed a loyal base of clients; and by focusing on building long-term relationships, Anthony Electric has continued to grow.


The vision of the Anthony Electric is to be the electrical contractor of choice for all the market areas it serves.  To achieve this vision, Anthony Electric endeavors to provide construction that meets or exceeds its client’s requirements within budget, on schedule, and with minimal disruption.


Anthony Electric has performed electrical contracting services in a variety of settings since its inception, but has focused primarily on the telecommunications industry in the last twenty years.

In the last few years, Anthony Electric has moved in two different directions to improve its market position and to make itself more valuable to its telecommunications clients:

In 1996, Anthony Electric established a specialized group to handle the installation of digital      antennas.

In 1999, Anthony Electric turned its long association with Pacific Bell into a formal alliance, and is currently the SBC Pacific Bell Alliance Contractor serving the southern half of California.  In 2000, Anthony Electric entered into a similar contractual relationship with AT&T, and became one of a number of alliance contractors serving California and Nevada.

The work is varied, and can include anything from constructing a new building from the ground up, to working directly over active telephone equipment, to performing tenant improvements, to completing emergency repairs in the middle of the night, to “stealthing” a cellular antenna on a rooftop with a false facade.

Because in most cases the work environment is strictly controlled to protect the very sensitive telephone equipment that provides an essential service to our community, Anthony Electric ensures that its workers are highly trained, quality-oriented, and security-conscious.



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