Statement on City of San Diego's Proposed Community Choice Aggregation Plan

October 26, 2018

Statement on City of San Diego's Proposed Community Choice Aggregation Plan:

California is leading the nation in green energy by building out our ability to produce renewables and requiring those that buy and sell power to use them. This is a win-win-win - it creates jobs for workers, seeks to stabilize green energy costs for families and generates clean energy that preserves our environment. In San Diego, we must continue to build and produce renewable power to grow green jobs and ensure the environment is truly protected.

We fully support the goals being discussed in the City of San Diego to achieve a cleaner environment, address our climate crisis and grow green jobs locally. While we applaud the efforts, we do encourage extreme caution as workers are being asked to support a start-up with no history of buying and selling energy on a mass scale. This alone raises concerns, along with a host of critical questions that must be fully vetted. The Labor Council will be vigilant in ensuring that local families are at the center of any energy policy that is advanced as green workers, as renewable power consumers and as advocates for the environment.

Keith Maddox
Executive Secretary-Treasurer,
San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Nate Fairman
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
IBEW Local 465

Nicholas J Segura Jr 
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
IBEW Local 569

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