Sierra Club Opposes Prop G

May 24, 2010


May 24, 2010
CONTACT:  Richard Miller, 858-569-0294

Sierra Club Joins Growing List of Environmental Organizations, Elected Officials, Business and Labor Groups Opposing Prop G

Deceptive Ballot Measure would Undermine Chula Vista’s Ability to Combat Climate Change

SAN DIEGO, CA –The Sierra Club today joined the lengthy list of elected officials, environmental organizations, business and labor groups urging Chula Vista residents to vote no on Proposition G.   “Proposition G would undo years of environmental progress in Chula Vista, from delaying demolition of the polluting South Bay Power Plant to preventing the city from applying for state and federal grants to fund efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This deceptive measure is a step backwards for Chula Vista and we urge residents to vote No on G.” stated Richard Miller, former Chapter Chair.

If passed, this measure would undermine Chula Vista’s ability to combat climate change by delaying demolition of the polluting South Bay Power Plant and jeopardizing the city’s ability to pursue state and federal dollars to fund sustainability efforts. Proposition G attempts to discriminate against construction workers who choose to join a labor union by banning them from working on public works projects in Chula Vista.

Founded in 1892, the Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization.  There are over 700,000 members in 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. The San Diego Chapter was founded in 1948 and has approximately 14,000 members.  Serving San Diego and ImperialCounties, it strives to preserve the special nature of San Diego through education, activism and advocacy.  


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