IBEW 569 Completes Another Major Solar Project - Mount Signal 3

July 18, 2018

Another IBEW 569 project completed! The last solar panel was installed at the Mount Signal 3 Project - owned by 8 Minute Energy. Over 350 IBEW 569 members installed 2.7 million solar panels! We continue to support and accelerate renewable energy. #GoodJobsGreenJobs

'Mount Signal 3 will deliver over 770 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean, renewable power to residents of the 15 surrounding counties each year–enough energy to power more than 114,000 homes, and reduce carbon emissions by more than 530,000 metric tons each year. Mount Signal 3 was built on 2,000 acres of formerly low-productivity farmland, and its creation significantly reduces water usage in the region, and protects wildlife habitat during construction and operation.'

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